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CNG Internet Software's strength is, first and foremost, our highly experienced team of talented professionals - New Jersey based, all having been software developers for a long time.

A typical developer has:
  • a Technology oriented College degree
  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • solid project life-cycle experience
  •    for inhouse projects
  •    for customers' consultative projects
  • Experience in End-User interactions, and documentation
A typical Senior Team member has:
  • a Technology oriented College / University degree
  • 10+ years of software development leadership experience
  • solid project life-cycle experience, applying various PLC methodologies
  •    for multi-phased in-house projects
  •    for complex customer's consultative
  • Managed End-User communication and interactions
  • Led End-User / CNG full-cycle testing and software acceptance processes

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Welcome to CNG Internet Software

-- a company that provides software solutions that solve business problems.

CNG provides:
  • Off-the-Shelf apps that enhance business productivity
  • Consultant Teams to develop and implement customized software solutions

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Our commitment to our customers:
that our technicians have the experience to deliver innovative, world-class software.

Witness ...
> Windows Server Software
> Advanced Network Software
> Android Software
> Windows Phone 8 Software
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  CNG Internet Software  
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  Over the years, our differentiation as a Hosting Provider became more and more software that we developed for those customers. We developed Server software, Network software, and Hosting software either in support of the entire business, or, in a consultative way, for specific customers.

With the advent of mobile computing for business class customers, we made the decision to leverage our 12+ years of software development expertise, and elevated the software development division to become an independant business of its own; and CNG INTERNET SOFTWARE became a reality.
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Value driven software development is success-full software development.    

Over the many years that we have built and deployed software, a simple corporate value proposition emerged:
   We must interact with the customer, and the customer with us, at a high level of professional trust. A handshake still counts for a lot.
   We will always try to get the best result, balancing available resources, and the expected outcome. All our development and consultancy is on a turn-key, fixed cost basis.
   We strive to develop software that is not just what a design, or a contract, calls for, but go far beyond.

What we Do
Develop and implement software for small to medium sized businesses, either as self-contained applications, or via managed consultancy.

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